I need to know

Does Ebaum even visit his site on a regular basis to see wtf is happening on his site?

It seems his power-hungry moderators are the only voice that reaches when one of my blogs was delted it came from, Ebaum but it said "ONE OF OUR MODERATORS"...

So this leads me to believe that:

1). Ebuam doesn't care to visit his own site.

2). The Mods are seen as all-knowing and shouldn't be argued with.

3). Ebaum doesn't even put any though when he listens to the moderators...and when I say this it is because my blog was banned for "false advertising"...when I wasn't advertising shit.

WTF IS GOING ON HERE...because what I see is the person who created this site just either got lazy or developed a life (if its the latter than kudos to him), but that's excusable...what isn't is the fact that he let a bunch of playground bullies hog all of the powers and said "IF THEY PISS YOU OFF, SCREW THEM 9 WAYS TO SUNDAY"

i used to like this site too...

Uploaded 08/09/2008
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