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buxton hand bag.


i really hate tv today. commercials are shit. the worst one im going to mention is the "Buxton Over-The-Shoulder hand Bag". does this not piss you off? for one thing there reinventing the wheel; every fucking hand bag has extra compartments. they think that were so fucking stupid that they can rethink any idea and sell it for more money. another thing is the people on the thing, they over exagerate every detail like..."and you'll never lose trake of any thing beacuse theres a place for everything" and another person goes..."wow really!?"....(people who have seen this should help me with examples)... and yet even another thing is, Why the hell would people want two? if it can carry every thing should'nt you only need one?!? on this one part of it there this chick with a blind fold and she pulls out glasses. If your blind why would you need glasses?!?           thats all i could think of now but ask for more whenever

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sicsepurtyranus Uploaded 08/11/2008
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