The Olympics are Pissing Me Off

I know I said I prob'ly wouldn't write another blog again, but I must say one thing: Canada is sucking at the Olympics. This is from


"Canada could no more produce fewer medals than the 12 it did four years ago in Athens than a man can have a baby, right?

If that quip rings a bell, then you're on the right track, because Beijing 2008 might end up feeling like a trip back to the Montreal Olympics.

Back in 1976, Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau uttered the now infamous quote about the certain financial success of a Games that drowned in red ink. In the meantime, 414 Canadian athletes -- the country's largest team in any Olympics -- failed to win a single gold medal.

We finished with 11 medals in 1976 -- five silver and six bronze -- and while Canadians predicted 14 this year in a Canadian Press poll, and Sports Illustrated pegged the total at 15, matching the 11 from Montreal might be as good as it gets.


So if you are planning on staying up all night to watch the Olympic events live on CBC, well, good for you. And if those plans include a box of tissues for those emotional medal ceremonies, where the screen fades from the rising Canadian flag to that close-up of a teary Canadian athlete, then we suggest you buy the small pack of Kleenex.

We hate to break it to you, Canada, but Beijing is not going to be pretty."


In other words, WE HAVE NO FUCKING MEDALS!!! Where as you, Americans, have 22 now, I think. Congratulations (that isn't sarcasm, I'm honestly congratulating you). I don't usually keep up with these kind of things, but, I was hoping to see the medal count on Google give me good news. I thought we'd at LEAST beat out France. What a disappointment. I'm pretty sure we're the only ones without a medal, too.

Uploaded 08/12/2008
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