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Alright.. for those of you who know me, you know that I'm pregnant. I'm now at about 39 weeks, but only a centimeter dilated. Sooo, my doctor asked today if I would want to just go into the hospital this coming Tuesday night (August 19th) and be induced. I said, "Well... not really, but at the same time YES," because I would like a bit more time to prepare but I know very well that all the preparing in the world isn't going to make me any more ready for the craziness about to befall me.

So before today I was just kinda hanging around, having a "Due Date" but not REALLY being sure about when he would decide to arrive. Now, with a date pretty much set in stone...


And what if he decides to come even earlier?! All of this is so overwhelming!!

I know there are Ebaum Mommies out there, anybody have any advice to chill me out? I'll just sit here and spaz everytime I feel a kick or punch or little contraction.....

jenferocious77 Uploaded 08/14/2008
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