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Well summer's almost over and I'm starting high school next year...... GREAT  three more years of being unpopular..... three more years of teachers shitting on you expecting you to do every single thing perfect.... Another shitty three years where I can go to band class and fuck up because my parents are to bloody cheap to get my instrument fixed.... Another three years where no one will talk to me..... Another three years where people will tell me to be more outgoing and talk to more people, well I'M SORRY BUT I JUST CAN'T DO IT, I try but it never works...... Another fucking three years where I'll be excluded from every school activity because I'm shy.... Another three years for being single....Another three years of people treating me different because of how I look, I'm sorry I'm not barbi and I'm sorry I'm not skinny and I'm sorry I'm not perfect enough for all of you.... ANOTHER THREE YEARS OF PURE HELL!

Thanks for listening to my bitching.

MacCheese Uploaded 08/14/2008
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