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Controversy In Movies


So i've been watching the news with my family. and latley i've been seeing alot of comontion on the newest summer blockbuster "Tropic Thunder",
its looks like an awesome, wicked, movie, if i have to say so myself. But there are some people who are having a probelm with it becasue it has the
word "Retard" in it, and the movie says it a number of times. But to some people that is a bad word, worse then the word B*tch, or F*ck. Retard or
B*tch, hmmm, i wonder which one is worse. And now the "Needing help people" are causing a commotion to the theater, where the movie will be
played. So why is the point of it, there are many of movies that have the word Retard in it, why is this movie so bad, if it has in it, i don't
understand that part, why is it bad, one word, big problem! Why??

Nuck_4_Life Uploaded 08/15/2008
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