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I think it's alive...


Ah, yes, it is that time of the month again- no, you fuckers, I'm not talking about Aunt Flow.  :P  No, I'm talking about it being time to...




I hate this task.  There is usually one or two forgotten storage containers or some now unrecognizable fruit or veggie that was forgotten.  It pretty much grosses me out.  And I'm not that easy to gross out. 

While looking today at what was going to have to be tossed out, I found that my batter bowl (which I'll need tomorrow for making my birthday cheesecake for myself) is still in there with pizza dough from two or so weeks ago in it.  ...Yeah...  Not a pretty sight.  It's all a dull shade of green right now.

I also hate when fruit or veggies go bad, and they start liquifying.  I don't even want to touch those.  And I usually rinse out the meat and veggie bins outside with a hose so the smell doesn't linger in my kitchen.  Bleck.

So, yeah...  Cleaning out the fridge...  That's a task for tomorrow.

kittyhasclaws Uploaded 08/15/2008
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