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Alright, so, once again, I have a question for the bloggers. I like to game; it's what I do. So I was wondering how many of you out there are gamers; and if so, what console? I prefer the 360, but I love taking things back to the PC every once and a while. What is your favorite game? I like the Half-Life series myself; great mix of dialogue and action. What game types do you guys like too? I'm more of an FPS man myself, but RTS and RPG also appeal to me. Anything with character customization automatically calls my name. As long as it's not Barbie Pet Rescue.

In case you were wondering, my gamertag is BlackSteel97, but don't expect too fast of a reply; I (for the moment) only have Silver, but I'm trying to get Gold. Blame my parents ;)

WhyNot Uploaded 08/20/2008
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