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i had a dog who was a mix of a chiwawa & something else. he looked like he was on sterroids -lol- anyways, on the 4th of july, pepe got loose and was gone for ever. I was crying like crazy!! then all of a sudden i had heard barking outside. it was my puppy! well the night went on and i was angry at the dog but i was giving him so much love. well the next morning, he wouldn't eat any food and he looked like he was growing skinnier and skinnier. it was freaky!! he coughed up blood and started foaming at the mouth and died that night. it turned out that he got parvo. a disease that only dogs can get. i miss that stupid dog.... now it's december, and the parvo disease is officially gone from the house. i can finally get a new puppy. but no dog can replace my best friend



luispozo311 Uploaded 08/23/2008
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