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Watching TV these days


I'm writing this blog out of frustration on how much advertisement bullshit is on while the actual program you are watching is running. I rememember a while back when some network introduced a little logo in the corner that contunually stayed there while you were watching tv. I think it was fox or some shit. But anyway, now almost every network does this as if we don't know what fuckin' channel we are watching! Yes I know it's A&E, yes I know it's the history channel. Now you got these complete absurd advertisements that appear during the entire airtime of the show you are watching. Like I give a fuck that House the new season is starting or some other show's season finale is coming up next. Really, I see TV eventually becoming one big commercial. I wish we could go back to when the commercial breaks were the only time we would see an advertisement.


HandCannon Uploaded 08/25/2008
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