Just Wondering Ladies

As I am sitting here at my computer the usual things are going through my head such as, what do I want to look at on eBaums, is there anything new in sports, and usally the one I check out the most is, is there any porn worth watching. I can usually find some form of porn that I find worth watching, today was no different. Today i decided to watch something with some anal action. Which got me thinking, why is there so much anal porn on the web if every girl I have talked to wouldn't even consider it? I know it's porn and they get paid to have some strange dude shove his cock up there ass, but if so many girls hate it why do they still do it? Maybe I'm just not talking to the right girls, either way I was just wondering if there are any girls who are willing to comment on this (probably not), or any guys with different expierences from girls could let me know (much more likely).

Uploaded 08/25/2008
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