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erep points


What is everyones love for erep points all about?  Everytime i read a blog, somebody writes a comment about "oh, you just want erep points." Who gives a fuck if they do or not. Personally, i think the quest for erep points is there for douche bags. I mean, come on...  you need something like 50,000 for a cheap ass toy??? whats wrong with people... but thats just me, i don't give a fuck if somebody wants to get erep or not. Why does anybody else give a fuck??? Are you mad they got points and you didn't?? if i could, i'd give my points away. i come here to read jokes, blogs, and peoples comments, because its funny to me, especially the comment (some people are idiots, it's entertaining.) So pretty much, to sum up, quit bitching about fucking erep points and write something funny, even if you make fun of me, ill probably laugh at it.

jreo97 Uploaded 08/27/2008
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