England and America?

Okay well let me start out by saying that i am by no means racist. But how come there is so much hate between america and england on here? British calling americans fat, Americans saying British have bad teeth..what i this?? Its a fucking website people. I like making fun of people on here just as much as anyone else does..but not in a bigoted matter. It's really pathetic. And I swear if I see one more Brit say America and fat in the same sentance then I'm gonna fucking blow..because the UK has taken the lead in obesity. Not that obeasity is a good thing. And if our country was so horrible then why would so many people be fighting and coming in here illeagally? I think George Bush fucked up this country, but I do believe we can become an even more developed country then we already are. All this is, is me expresseing my feelings. I would love to hear some criticism. Please don't hold anything back...I want to know what you ALL are thinking.

Uploaded 09/01/2008
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