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i like you you like me we are fucking gay as shee.. so go fuck yourself in the ass

that would be cool like gas flame grills on the high seas

up and coming rapper, don't try to slap her

you know that would only make your penis smaller

you two faced bitch with the the cherry pie filling

i can't believe you wouldn't give me top billing

cuz obviously my rhymes are slicker than yours

if i went to your house i wouldn't have any chores

cuz i don't live there so your mom's like "HOOOO"

that's what she said when i stuck my finger in her dough

and when i say dough i mean stinking vagina

y'all never seen a bigger bitch outta Medinah

except that's not where i live, you understand?

so give into the music that is flooding the land



kitty_babe Uploaded 09/03/2008
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