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Recently I read I comment dissing my country saying we couldn't even beat France in a war.  At first I was like WTF YOU MOTHER FUCKER.  Then I realized something.  How many fucking wars have the united states won? Right now how many wars are the united states fighting? Two wars is the answer.  The first one is the war on Terror.  All I have to say to you is you started fighting this war back in like 01, are you any safer now then you were after 9/11.  the answer is no.  Your other mission you have failed at terrible is the war on drugs.  Like when this started, it was noble, but now?  How many people are in your prisions for pot? How tied up is your legal system due to drug users and sellers.  So once again my question is, have you made any progress? The answer to both these questions is NO!  So next time you try to say my Country can't win a war, try to win one yourself first.

I am muhhaha, and my country is just as great as the next.

muhhaha Uploaded 09/06/2008
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