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What The Fuck Has Become Of Music?


Okay, I just want to throw out there that music of 2008 is complete shit. It's been pretty bad for a few years, but at least we saw SOME sunlight with new releases from bands like Iron Maiden and The Smashing Pumpkins. 2008 is just the scariest year in music ever. NOTHING good is coming out. Alright, so we got new stuff from Judas Priest and Coldplay, but God. Look at all of the mainstream stuff! What the hell is All Time Low? And This infamous Miley Cyrus (hannah montana).. and WORST OF ALL The Jonas Brothers! Shitty pop rock has taken over. And when I say shitty, I mean REALLY shitty.

Like, There's a band Called We The Kings.

The lyrics to one of their songs is like:

And yes, the band is made up of white losers who cry over every girl (or MAN) they meet. Those lyrics are worthy of only some regurgitated bad rap song.

I have had enough of this terrible music.

I need to go bomb each one of these excuses for bands and artists or something...


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