Golden Showers and Censorship

I think I may have had a post deleted from the sight. Last week I uploaded a cartoon I drew. It depicted a guy urinating into the mouth of a woman lying on the ground. Another guy commented, "That there's a good wife, Ron." There was a caption reading, "Plus she can cook."

I scribbled it out one day at work for the amusement of my co-workers. (We haven't had sensitivity training yet.)

I still see the rating and stats on the post but I can't get to the cartoon itself. Perhaps it's a glitch or perhaps it was censored.

I am against censorship of any kind, whether it be the liberals censoring a funny racial/sexist/retard joke or the conservatives banning breastfeeding in public or Janet Jackson's titties on the Superbowl.

I believe that no subject should be off limits when it comes to humor, art, comedy, or political discussion. I have a really poor taste joke that I wrote but I am apprehensive to post it because I KNOW it will get negative comments from the hyper-sensitive morality police out there and my delicate ego can only take so much criticism. It's happened before when I made a premie joke/comment on a video. Some dude wished death upon me because he had a premie baby. FUCK! It's a joke. It's like when TV shows depicting explosions were not aired after 9/11.

My mom died of brain cancer and my brother was stabbed to death years ago. I don't think that cancer or knife jokes should be banned because of my personal tragedies. Joke: My mom was born a Leo; died a cancer. See? It's a JOKE. A FUCKING JOKE. I heard a quote once that I agree with: "One right we DO NOT HAVE is the right NOT to be offended."

Buddy list friends. Let me know if my cartoon entitled, 'Good Wife.' is on my submissions page or if I was censored. I'll quit ranting for now. BTW, if you want to hear the most sick, poor taste joke I have ever written, send me a message. I'll tell it to you.

Uploaded 09/08/2008
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