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For all you East Carolina Pirate fans out there, the last few weeks have been awesome! First, we block a punt and win against the then ranked 17th Virginia Tech. We follow that win up with a complete all around domination of the 8th ranked West Virginia Mountaineers!  Both games our defense was all over the opposition, holding even WVU star Pat White to less than 100 yards and no TDs!  It has been almost 10 years since WVU has been held to no touchdowns in a game.  Now the AP has ECU ranked 14th in the country, the first time ranked since 1999!  Skip Holtz has turned around a team that went 1-10 in 2003 to a potential BCS at large bid team this year!  If things keep on track we have a easy 12-0 season with a big bowl game.  And critics thought that ECU would be crap this year having lost Chris Johnson to the NFL draft....Pinkney has picked up the slack and has been all but perfect in his two games.


So for all you  WVU and VT fans out there, better luck next year, but the Pirates are here to stay.  Go Pirates!!!!



Uploaded 09/08/2008
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