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shemiqua bonifa latifah jacksonnnn


ey yall yah gurll shemiqua izz back and i want to tell yoo about mii day.

Ok well ya gurl here was in da kitchen cookin up sup filta fish when all of a sudden i hear dis loud ass crash coming frum tha backyard. Den i hurr me mama call me she was all like "Shemiqua some angel donn fell from the heavanzz in da backyard and dizz muh fuhka izz stinkinn" and i was lyke wtffff. i went out and cleaned up daa angel and then burnedd it to dipose of all da evidence. Denn i went back to makin chitlins and ghetto fryyyd chicken.

IIght homies dat wuzz my day so hit me up on tha myspace

pc4pc bitchezzz

Man i juss realized my life izz fucked up awll dis shit happenin to me its like god tinks im ritarded or somethin but its whatever

I hate it when girls talk becuase that means theyre not sucking my cock

-jon lajoie

torshamos Uploaded 09/08/2008
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