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Christmas Shopping list already?!


so last night mom gave me this note that said g-ma (grandma) will be needing my shopping list for christmas soon. i couldnt believe it! already?! i mean. im a 19 year old kid who really doesnt want anything for christmas... well with the exception of jessica alba, but i dont see g-ma getting me that any time soon. For some reason i guess im the only person in the world who really doesnt care about getting gifts for christmas, i mean its nice and all, but its not really that important. I kinda feel like all holidays are just marketable to all companies, and nobody really cares about the true meaning of the hollidays. if we start giving gifts on presidents day and stuff like that.. then we know we've gone too far. although i know a nice powdered wig would be a great gift for that season.

KEGS04 Uploaded 09/08/2008
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