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Music, of course :)

so, recently i started listening to my old music (fall out boy, bill talent) and found it quite boring; now my ex- boyfriend is a metal head and so are all his friends and when i say "metal head" i mean HUUUGGEEE METAL HEADS! They even listen to troll and Celtic metal. o.O I think they've listened to every metal band out there- or at least they're damn close- and have a very firm opinion on each of them. But recently, as i hung out with them and listened to their music and downloaded some, I realized- METAL IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!


So now from listening to Britney Spears, Billy Talent, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Metro Station and other pop culture bands/artists (I'm a pretty big prep ^_^), I'm listening to Nu metal bands like Slipknot, Bullet For My Valetine, Atreyu, Disturbed, Mudvayne & Silverstein and some heavier stuff, as well as like Fintroll and some other bands with names I cannot even begin to pronounce.

So, I decided to share this and see how may metal heads here were out there and what they listened to.


i_blew_it Uploaded 09/10/2008
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