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Clown gets what he deserves!


Ever since I was a kid, I've been petrified of clowns. 

Well sitting at an intersection (in the lane next to the sidewalk) waiting for the light to turn green, a flier gets shoved infront of my face.

Startled I turned to come face to face to a clown that was leaning into my car....... and naturally I start screaming.  He starts screaming, I push the button so the window starts rolling up

At this point the light turns green and I instinctively try to get away!

So as I'm driving, I still hear screaming and I continue screaming and half way crying cause I cant understand WHY this clown is still here.....

Well I made it about 3 blocks before I realized he was stuck in my window!

The cops got a kick out of it and no worries, other then me wishing death upon all clowns, the guys alright!

tattooedpheonix Uploaded 09/10/2008
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