Black hole?

Alright so first off im just gunna say that im all for living in a post-apocalyptic world like in Mad Max or resident evil or something. I would enjoy shooting zombies or wearing all leather and riding dirt bikes and stuff. Thats my kind of thing i guess you could say. But this whole deal about scientists making a black hole... thats a little too catastrophic. I mean how stupid could you be? Black holes suck everything up, so it would be like sucking the world up from the inside, which is implosion. Im not for implosion at all.. i guess im anti-implosion.  I just dont think this whole thing was a good idea at all. nobody.. including the scientists really know what is going to happen, but i heard that this "black hole" could take up to 4 years to really form. So pretty much make the next 4 years of your life amazing!  And id say buy some leather apparel, just in case this thing doesnt completely destroy the earth, then the real fun will begin!

Uploaded 09/11/2008
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