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9-11 does anyone remember?


Today is 9-11 and it seems like a dream.  Do we remember this day? We live our lives everyday like nothing has happen and we do not remember the human lives that where lost that day. It still lives on in memorials and tv shows but do we remember that we got attacked on our own soil? Do we remember why Bush sent our military in to Iraq? Well I for one have not had a love one lost on 911 but I have a friend who lost his wife. I remember the way he looked at us and could not even speak while we watch everything unfold on tv. I would not want anyone to ever go through something like that. Well I just wanted everyone to just take a minute and remember why we are in the economic and fuel stress we are in today and then remember all of those people that lost there lives over nothing.

majg13 Uploaded 09/11/2008
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