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Will the Democrats Blow it Again?


It seems like the Dem's are on the verge of blowing another election. Sarah Palin is just the monkey wrench that John McCain needed to throw Obama's political machine off its track.

The beautiful thing is, the more they attack her, the more it helps McCain. Hell, even the media are paying attention to McCain now. McCain is ahead in most polls and that has the Dem's worried.

I'm only speculating but I think if/when McCain wins in November there will be rioting like we haven't seen since the Rodney King fiasco, only on a much larger scale. And, we'll never hear the end of how this racist country failed to elect its first black president. Nevermind that we will have elected our first female VP because that pales in comparison to the greatness that is Barack Obama. Anyway, get ready for the shit to hit the fan if/when McCain wins.

Comments, concerns, anyone?

schmokin Uploaded 09/12/2008
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