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So, I have to drive my husband into work on the mornings there is fog out.  We recently discovered that his brain cannot process the fog and keeping his eyes on the road without making him incredibly sick.  So, the last few mornings I've driven him in.

Today, I while driving, I saw around 50 cars that did not have their headlights on in some pretty thick fog.  Yes, there were some areas where it cleared up, but, shit, it was almost impossible in the majority of spots to see the person in front of you, much less someone without headlights on.  So, hear this:


If you're driving in fog...



If some psycho flashes their high beams at you, it's not because they're psychotic and think it's fun.  It's because you're a complete fucktard that seems to WANT to cause accidents by NOT being visible.  Because headlights in the fog are not for your benefit, they're for the benefit of other drives.  They're so OTHER drivers can see you before you're two feet in front of them.

So, if someone flashes their lights at you, check your fucking headlights to ensure they're on.  They might just be flashing the person behind you, but CHECK to be safe!

kittyhasclaws Uploaded 09/12/2008
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