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alright sorry I am a day late on posting this, I had a Football game yesterday so I was a little busy.  First of all I want to say god bless to all those who lost a fmaily member, friend, or whatever on that day. also I just want to state a few things.  I agree with the war on Terror, but I disagree on how it is being faught. I believe we should now be looking at why these Terrorist attacks happened. Oh and the reason is not simply that Osama hates America. There has to be another reason for this other than he simply hates it.  I would like to know why you people think these attacks happened.  so please don't post any dumb, cause Muslims hate America, or something that is just a dumb answer the pre school teacher tells her class.

I am muhhaha, I stole this idea from Ellimem, praise to Allah ;)

muhhaha Uploaded 09/12/2008
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