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Why is everyone so angry and pissed HAVE FUN!!


Everybody on this site is always pissed off.  Admit it, why can't everyone jsut leave funny comments and keep your pissed off emotions somewhere else.  This site is supposed to be funny and cheer you up.  But you got assholes that will jsut trash your videos making you feel like shit and trash your blogs like what jsut happened to me a couple days ago.  Keep your sad and lonely life off ebaums world.  Everyone comes here to laugh and communicate with others...not to be a little bleeding tampon like a bunch of the users on here.  So just lay off with the anger and have some fun with this site.  Instead of sitting here looking to see whose day you can destroy why not find a funny ass video or write a blog or something.  Grow the hell up and stop being  little pissants!!

Tslice Uploaded 09/12/2008
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