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Gas prices


Has gas jumped up incredibly where you guys are? im in southern VA and its almost 4 bucks per gal. ( i know thats not bad bad but they say it should get to 6 by sunday). i heard florida is already at 6 bucks a gallon

is it just me or will the oil companies find ANY excuse? "well the CEO of shell oil company seems to have an ingrown tonail which is causing discomfort so i think we will have to raise gas a couple bucks to compensate"

exageration i know but still, thats the way i feel about it.

im still in high school, and that means i dont have a job that will set me for life. so i really dont know what im going to do. soon enough i just wont have money for gas and the other monthly bills i pay. insurance is a bitch for a male driver under 25.

i hope all the fat cats at the oil companies burn in their own oil.

RaspberryMuffin Uploaded 09/12/2008
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