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Ya know, Im impressed with you guys.


Wow.  The EBW blog community seems to be kinda strong.  I mean, I first noticed it with the whole UofL thing.  I really didnt care about the whole deal, but I am impressed with how people came together like that.  And now, everyone seems to be coming together to get rid of a user.  Personally, I couldnt give a shit if someone spams and blogs alot.  I mean, Yeah, its pushing my blog that I actually thought about down, but meh, Im too laid back to really care.  Thats totally a hint guys, I'm missing comments on my other blogs. lol. 


But all in all, go you guys.  You got each others backs.  It awesome to watch.  The way its done is nice too.  I like the artistic abilities being used ALOT.

guy56 Uploaded 09/14/2008
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