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My dog


My dog, Duke turned 14 on August 4th and it's almost time. He's a yellow lab who does NOTHING anymore. He's sick all the time, doesn't get around very well, messes in the house ( although he's been really good about that lately ), throws up all the time, and he wheezes. My mom told us today that it's probably going to be this week or so. My uncle Charlie even made him a casket and brought it over today. My mom's going to see if our neighbor will come and dig a hole with his backhoe. She's also trying to see if the vet will come and put him down at our house. Plus she's already made arangements for my brother and I to be at our grandma's when it happens and then come home later that day. :(

Anyway, just though I should share.

waverlygirl Uploaded 09/14/2008
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