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A slut making the top of news during a Disaster


Am I the only one who is asking, "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?", when I uploaded Yahoo to do a search for the lyrics to the Morilla the Gorilla show?  Is it just me, or does the vast majority of the United States have their heads up their Asses.  We are in the middle of two wars, going through an National Election, and still suffering at the hand of Hurricane Ike, and this stupid bitch gets featured as a Top story because she has some heart-shaped ring on her finger!  Fuck Lohan!  Fuck Hilton! Fuck all the rest of those Lazy Spoiled sluts, I shouldn't have to see their faces every single time I turn on the damn computer!

Please, tell me if I am going nuts or not, because I feel like the rest of the world is fucking crazy.


Also, why the hell does the Word Array pop up in the Tags box whenever I start a new blog?

rkuzdas Uploaded 09/15/2008
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