I gave Jesus a boner

Anyone that knows me knows I talk about sex...a lot. They also know that I can take any conversation and make it about sex. So, being the person I am, I created a group for people who like surprise sex. I was in this group today reading comments people had made, and something someone said prompted me to tell the story of how I was fucking this guy I met at a party and he tried to shove his cock in my ass. I was like "Whoa dude! I don't even know you!" See, the thing is, he didn't even spit on it or anything! I mean I like anal...I like it a lot, but not when it feels like someone is trying to slice me open with a dull knife! So anyway, I guess reading this struck a chord with mayoj1 because apparently I gave him a boner. I was like "Yes! I gave Jesus a fucking boner! I am the shit!" What I'm trying to get accross here is that I'm sorry to all of you whom I have given boners to. That's just what I do, and I'm damn good at it! And remember everyone: LUBRICATION IS THE KEY!!

Uploaded 09/15/2008
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