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I'm seriously freaked out


Guys, I have a serious question. I'm not looking for fucking erep points and I don't want to hea rany bullshit from people.

    I'm truly freaked out right now. I was just putting away dishes and I picked up this huge silver butcher knife. I looked at it and the thought of cutting my wrist and stabbing it into my throat came to mind. I know your instant reaction is oh he's emo and should kill himself. But that's not true at all. I love my life. I have an amazing family, a beautiful wonderful girlfriend and plenty of friends. Although I'd never do the things that flashed into my mind, is it normal for this to happen? has it happened to anyone else here?...this is probably not the greatest place to ask that question seeing as how most of us are completely insane but ya know, worth a shot. remember

    thegodlyone=not suicidal so don't say I am

thegodlyone Uploaded 09/17/2008
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