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Deleting Duplicate Media


I know this is a subject that has probably been beatin to death, but I'm sure that everyone on here, that uploads regularly is tired of losing features to people that posted the same video after them. I was on another uploading website the other day, and if a person notices a video, picture, games, etc. that is the same as theirs they can report it as duplicate media. I know that it's nearly impossible to look at the claims that all the people would have on this site, but then again maybe ebaums should add a few more admin to be able to listen to the users on the site a little better. I know I'm probably beathing a dead horse here knowing that the only people that listen to me are the same users that know exactly what it is I'm talking about. Thanks for listening to my rant for the week.

bigperm423 Uploaded 09/19/2008
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