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Sitting back, I just had to laugh at myself. Reading some of the comments on my other blogs, I was furious. I hate when people who don't even know me make outrageous accusations and judgements about me. Then I realized: they don't know me. Therefore, I don't care what they think. Like I've said several times, I've got more than enough friends to keep me happy, I don't need your approval.

Pretty much, my roommates Derek (my best friend for the last 12 years), his older brother Justin, Mickey, Trevor, and Brennan, are my family.

Sammy, Jacob, Krystal, Jonny, Lance, Michael, my roommates, and the rest of my friends, you're all I care about.

Right now I'm still a bit angry, more... a strange feeling really, but I've decided not to care anymore.

To sum it all up:

If you don't like me, good, I don't care. That's your problem, deal with it.

bri3core Uploaded 09/22/2008
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