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Funniest things that have happened when stoned.


my top 5.


1. nearly getting kicked out of a festival, for firing packets of bacon at securtiy guards out of a three man catapult.


2. getting caught smoking weed at school, having the police called, being interviewed by the police whilst still really baked, resting my face on my hands, slipping forward and hitting my head on the table only to errupt in a fit of giggles!


3. kidnapping random people in the middle of the arena with bin bags, whilst dressed like steve irwin (again at reading festival)


4. getting of with a ridiculously hot firewoman in full uniform ;) (probably the best memory of my whole life so far)


5. ripping a cone, going into the 24 hour garage, and burping out a shitload of smoke right in the cashier's face just as i got to the counter

muffinman123 Uploaded 09/24/2008
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