the right to peace

Absolute rights is meerly a term that is misused when describing our amendments. If an individual was to recieve their rights absolutely, wouldnt it, or could it interfere with other individuals rights? In this case, yes. When ferrdom of speech is stretched to the point of desterbing the peace, it then is disrupting the rights of all of the individuals in the school and will then become not only a matter of offencive dress but in some cases could result in a criminal offence, that is of course if the child was of age.

It is a crime to offend people in a matter that may make them react violently. A similar incident occured in a town near mine where a kid was waveing a mexican flag at school during a september 11th ceromony. they too believed they had the right, but the truth is they are just uneducated on the matter of the righs of the accused. This matter would be thrown out of court if it even gets taken that far.

The students at that school had the right to peace, which was desturbed by the individuals offencive wardrobe.


Uploaded 09/25/2008
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