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If you are a smoker (weed, pot grass, trees, dope, sticky, ganja, ect,) then you MIGHT have noticed a drop in quality of commercial weed. While you can still get better (dro, haze, skunk, ect,) you are going to hand out a couple to a few hundred for an oz. A Majority of weed comes from below the border or across the pond, which in mexico a good amount of that is grown outdoors. Now this whole thing with global warming reducing crop sizes (corn, soy, wheat, ect) is also effecting marijuana reducing THC in the bud and causing it to loose a little color and altering the taste slightly. I've only noticed this within the past year or so. so i checked about 30 sites for information and this is what i got. may be interesting, may not be.




Smoke On,


Eastside_Dave Uploaded 09/26/2008
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