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We all are wondering about the bailout and if you aren't you should be. I feel like this...... whether we do the bailout or not we as Americans WILL find a way. I hear all the time how we Americans are bullies and we stick our noses in where we dont belong and that is why other country's hate us. I dont know, maybe we do but the thing that we do best is FIX what needs to be FIXED. That is why country's hate us, because Americans dont quit and I am talking all Americans Liberal or Conservative. Yes we may fight when its election time and we will Bitch about our presidents but when we have a problem WE DAMN WELL WILL FIX IT! This is a hard time for us but relax we will come out of this too. This is one comment by just one American.


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bohankeeton Uploaded 09/29/2008
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