Democratic White Senior Citizens and This Years Election

So my grandma is 78 and has always voted Democratic since the day she was able to vote, but now that may change. She will not vote Republican, but she is seriously considering not voting for the first time ever in her life. This simple reason, She is a white Democrate and Obama is black. It's really quite sad to see someone to base their opinion solely on someone's skin color to the point that they will not vote because they simply don't like black people. My grandma is what I would call a closet racist. She has never said anything rascist or even along the lines of letting someone know she is. Deep down inside I know what her beliefs and views are on race though, and although that is her business alone, I can't help but be a little let down.

So how many of you have similar people in your families of a certain age who are Democratic and might not be voting this year?

Uploaded 09/30/2008
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