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Gross? Yes or No?


Ok, so picture this. You are on a date with a gorgeous girl. Dinner goes all to well, then it is time to say goodnight. Instead she does not want to turn in, instead she wants some after hours erotica. One thing leads to another, then the hand goes down the pants. When all of a sudden...surprise, its a huge gnarling seventies fro. Ok gentleman, has this happened to any of you and i know it has. Ok, my logic might be tainted but don't women usually landscape nowadays? Hell guys even "manscape". To me the "bush is a huge letdown. It is like not getting the Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. All the while im just thinking "Godamn this is  gross". But then I realize that it is vag none the less. So here we should all reminisce of the stories good or bad about your experience. And its cool if some of you like the bush. Feel free to comment.

london2012 Uploaded 10/06/2008
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