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Hey you guys 2


So I just got an email from "Ebaum" and here is what it said.

I just wanted to inform you that your media item titled "hey you guys!" was removed from the system by one of our moderators.  The reason given was: "Take Down Notice".

"Take Down Notice"??  What the heck is that?  Did they take it down because I was promoting some of my uploads??  And if that is so that wasn't the only thing I had put in that blog!!  Whoever took it down needs to leave me a comment on this one and tell me why?!?!?!

There has been worse crap than me saying "Hey go look at my profile and uploads"  And also others that has done the same and they didn't get take down!  Screw you ebaum you douche bag!  Never once have I spammed your precious web site and you take my blog down that was no where near as stupid and un-needed as most of them on here!

ADLife Uploaded 10/08/2008
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