Hello My name is Justin. I do not visit this site much, and I don't plan on visiting after my business is settled.

Here's the problem. I like to upload my own content to, most of the feedback on my videos are good stuff, because only my friends watch it. I'm just trying to figure out why ebaumsworld stole my video from and then got all their users to spam my profile on and send me tons of hate comments and threats in my messages??? Who do I talk to about getting a video removed from this site?? I've been leaving comments on this video almost all last night, and all day today, but no one wants to reply to me.


So if anyone can tell me who I need to e-mail or message that would be great. Also please stop spamming my youtube page, and please don't send me threats via inbox. I can take the ridicule but threats from ebaumsworld? I might have to show my parents these messages for my well being.



Well thanks for reading everyone, please visit me on youtube, check out my videos and subscribe!



Also link to the original video...

Uploaded 10/12/2008
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