sometimes i hate family

right now i honestly dont care about grammar errors so if you have to write about if i write your or you're then fuck you. well to my point... i hate family because of my brother, he is a fucking dickhead. im sitting in my room minding my own business and he walks in and pretty much says, "let me watch this show." (its a series i forget what but its like the 1st season) and i tell him to watch it in his room... he cant because nothing to watch it on, i tell him to watch it on the computer.... he doesnt want to. he has to fucking watch it in my room because i have a ps2.. and if i dont let him watch it he's going to whine and bitch like a little pussy, the worst part is he's 18 and will be a fucking bitch if i dont let him watch it so i rather be pissed then hear him complain..... sorry for complaining to you all

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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Tags: hate brother much


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