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2 good questions for women


#1 Why do you guys have 15 different pillows on you bed in 5 different shapes and 3 different sizes? Is it reall neccessary to have all that?

#2 Do you really need a different shampoo for everyday of the week? This morning I woke up and showered at a females house and I was in awe of the 11 different shampoo and conditioners. When I asked the girl why she had so many, her reply was sometimes she wants to smell like cucumber melon, somedays it's that herbal Aussie stuff or whatever LoL.

I just want to hear some of the ladies responses. I'm sure if you ask any guy on here they have a similiar story. So ladies please clarify your love for pillows and shampoo -Cannon

HandCannon Uploaded 10/15/2008
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