Voices in my head

OK, OK. I know there is a reason I am hearing voices. I am rational. Yet, I was terrified moments ago because as I sit here typing, a man is in my ear repeating the word "Audio". A few moments ago, I was minding my own business, watching videos here on ebaums when a voice came over my headset. At first I thought it was just something at the end of the video, someone calling someone a gold digging whore. Then, the video closed, he continued talking. I looked left, I looked right. There is no one in my room. In my panic, I checked in the closet and bathroom. No one there either. I am alone and hearing voices.


Now you may have figured out by now (for you smarter users) that I am getting some interference on my headset. And I think I know why. Last week my neighbor installed an incredibly large antenna on his roof. I had wondered over and asked what it was for. He told me it was for his CB radio. I nodded and wondered why he didn't just get the Internet. I wish he had.


So, I realize that from now on, I will be hearing the voices of truckers in my head.



Uploaded 05/26/2008
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