Voluntary Human Extinction

with the continuation of a culture that sustains the incompetent as much as it sustains anyone else, providing they are ruthless or fortunate, and with a culture that allows those with foresight enough to see the harm to opt out of breeding, it is becoming such that the less inteligent breed more frequently, allowing for poor intelligence to receive greater expression in the gene pool. with a species that is declining in intelligence, yet still possesing of great destructive power it must be wondered if finding a sustainable model for human survival that will successfully implement is the best plan. The destruction that could be wrought by the foolish ancestors of surviving humans makes one think it is better to just allow our unsustainable model to run it's course, to eliminate humanity before we eliminate life itself. This is unfortuante for other cultures, for only our culture of maximum harm is to blame, but there is no way to destroy the knowledge or potential for destruction that humans have obtained. We have already crossed the point of no return. Our own end is the only benevolent thing. It is not as if we must choose to end, we are already on our way. With our unlimited growth, limited resources, and destruction of handfuls of other species each day, our own eco system will collapse or we will otherwise exhaust the resource potential. It is dificult to have faith that humans would ever change for the better. Though it is not our fault, just random occurence and mismanagement of our own true natures that his created this malignancy the reality is that this culture must end and all of it's destructive knowledge with it.
Uploaded 06/04/2010
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