Hey girls and boys,

It's time to vote! Well I was just watching the boob tube when this idea popped into my ADD Ridden brain, so I sprinted over here before I forgot what I was doing. Well I better tell you before I do forget. Well I like tv just as much as anyone else, mabey even a little bit more hehe, well I decided to make a contest for the top shows on tv today. This is how it works, I give you the nominees and you vote for ONE and only one in the comments section, I'm a stalker, I will hunt you down if you vote more then once... You don't believe me? try it >:| Geeze my toe hurts..I think I broke it, it's kind purple and part of it fell off... OH WHOOPS that darn ADD again well here are the nominees!!!! WHOOO!!!!! Oh and one more thing, if you don't like any of theese choices suck it up, pick the closest one to your tast then complain about it later :) Oh ONE more thing these top ten are from July 28-August 3, I tried to find something closer but thats as good as it's gonna get. Ok now for our nominees!!!!

1. America's Got Talent

2. Wipeout

3. Two And A Half Men

4. So You Think You Can Dance.... Wednesday on fox...

5. Criminal Minds

6. So You Think You Can Dance.... Thursday on Fox, if it matters at all


8. CSI:miami

9. 60 minutes

10. CSI

Well read the blog, you can do any of thees things AFTER you vote.

1. Bitch At Me For Having ADD

2. Bitch At Me For Making A Stupid Blog

3. Bitch At Me For having Bad grammer

4. Just Bitch At Me For No Obvious Reason

5. Or Finally Call Me A Bitch

It's your choice

And remeber kids only vote once Or You know what will happen!

Oh P.S I belive this top 10 was made by retards Why Is House Not On This List???!!! Thats Messed!

P.sss Seeing as sooo many people on EBW Think I am a guy, I have officially changed my name grew a beard and had a sex change....Thanks EBW

P.ssss I was just kidding about that last P.sss

P.sssss I love P.Sing people

P.ssssss You should stop reading now, this could take a while......

P.sssssss I think I'm just

P.ssssssss About

P.sssssssss Done

There all done

Bye, Bye

If your wondering why I'm acting like this...I don't really know why... Too much sugar combined with ADD Is NOT a good combination.

See ya kiddies later

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