Wallboy's True Identity Revealed!!

  Yes, I know that there are a lot of theories about Wallboy.  Here is one that I think is spot on.  Of course I may be a little biased here.  But, I theorize that Wallboy is Obama.  Yes, that's right.  Wallboy is Obama.

  Just look at the facts here:

·     Only Wallboy defends Obama all the time.  If a whole group of people were slandering you, you would get defensive too.

·     If you have an alternate identity, you can claim that one is humble as fuck while the other is pompous and arrogant.

·     Both are extreme Democrats.

·     Both are liberals.

·     Both hate FoxNews.

·     Both hate Republicans.

·     Both hate Rush.

·     Both waste time while they should be working.

·     Both hate Bush.

·     Both claim that they've done more for the country than anyone else.

·     Both claim to come from modest beginnings.

·     Both do not listen to the people around them.

   A few other points:

  • Neither Wallboy or Obama is willing to admit to deficit spending.
  • Both blame Republicans for the troubled economy.
  • Neither can list any reasons as to why Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Neither has been seen in the same place at the same time.

  Now for a point that is a bit out there, but look at the letters in their names: W-A-L-L-B-O-Y  and B-A-R-A-C-K O-B-A-M-A.  Now, start by taking the M and flip it upsidedown (M -> W).  Take the A at the end of the president's name and put it next to the W (WA).  Now take the K and B and shave them down a bit to get two lowercase Ls (WAll).  Move the B and O down from the presidnet's last name to his alternate identity's screen name (WAllBO).  Now spell the presidnet's middle name with a Y instead of an I, bring the Y down (WAllBOY), make it all lowercase (wallboy), and ignore the rest of the letters as if they were facts. 

  I know that the name thing may be a bit outlandish, but it's as good of a theory as any.  If you add that to all of the points that I've listed above, there is a fair ammount of proof that they are the same person.  Feel free to add more points that you can come up with.





Uploaded 10/29/2009
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